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Far From Home

Part of: Sounds & Stories

 Tuesday, April 19, 2022  6:30pm  Live Stream - OSLmusic.org Directions

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OSL Box Office: 212.594.6100 x2

Syrian composer-clarinetist Kinan Azmeh, a member of Yo-Yo Ma’s Silkroad collective, performs three of his own chamber works exploring the concept of home through three locations of personal significance. Café Damasevokes a coffee shop in his hometown of Damascus in the 50s; The Fence, the Rooftop, and the Distant Seais set in Beirut and focuses on the memory of home after a long absence; and In the Elementmoves to Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music in New Hampshire, where Azmeh spent time as a teenager and to which he has returned regularly over the course of three decades.


Kinan Azmeh

Café Damas

Kinan Azmeh

The Fence, the Rooftop, and the Distant Sea

Kinan Azmeh

In the Element 


Orchestra of St. Luke's