Youth Orchestra of St. Luke’s (YOSL)

YOSL is Orchestra of St. Luke’s after-school youth orchestra program, developed and carried out in partnership with the Police Athletic League (PAL) and local Hell’s Kitchen schools.

YOSL students engage in musical rigor and cognitive growth, and experience adding their voices to an ensemble that represents their community.


The Youth Orchestra of St. Luke’s (YOSL) offers classes to its 150 violin, viola, and cello students from public schools in Hell’s Kitchen and the Police Athletic League.

YOSL connects young people from a diverse array of backgrounds to each other, and to the rich musical landscape of New York City. YOSL is embedded in Hell’s Kitchen, one of the fastest developing neighborhoods in the country. The program responds to concerns voiced in the neighborhood, including the need for after-school programs and arts programs for children that develop self-confidence, leadership, and team-building; and activities that create strong community connections.

Through music instruction, we intend on cultivating in students their individual agency, self-complexity, and capacity to advocate on behalf of and engage with their local and larger communities.

YOSL serves grades 2 and up and offers instruction in violin, viola, and cello.

For information on how to register, please contact the Manager of Youth Programs at or call 212.594.6100 x112.

Partner Sites
Police Athletic League, Duncan Center
P.S. 51 Elias Howe School
P.S. 111 Adolph S. Ochs School
P.S. 212 Midtown West School
The DiMenna Center for Classical Music

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YOSL Concerts

Youth Orchestra of St. Luke’s (YOSL) is OSL’s afterschool instrumental music program focused on collaboration, performance, and creativity. Through YOSL’s lessons and performances, students learn the language of music, new forms of self-expression, and problem-solving skills that will serve them throughout their lives.

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Support YOSL

Help OSL give the gift of music to children in our neighborhood by making a donation in support of Youth Orchestra of St. Luke’s (YOSL).

Instrument donations are also gratefully accepted. For more information, please email Tylor Thomas, Manager of Youth Programs at or 212.594.6100 x112.