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All Taylor

Part of: Paul Taylor Dance Company

 Sunday, November 5, 2023  2:00pm  Lincoln Center - David H. Koch Theater Directions

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Just below the surface of humans’ civilized veneer lurks an animal nature that cannot be ignored. Taylor’s iconic Cloven Kingdom reflects  the struggle between our gentler and more savage natures.

In a frightening vision of urban apocalypse with set and costumes by Alex Katz, Paul Taylor’s Last Look engrosses the audience with its intensity. Taylor’s choreography raises questions about the origins of the humanoids on stage, leaving an indelible impression of an unnerving and mesmerizing performance.

Taylor’s sizziling Piazzolla Caldera is a passionate and athletic modern dance inspired by the tango music of Argentine musician Astor Piazzolla and Polish-Jewish musician Jerzy Peterburshsky. Without using a single tango step, Taylor captures several facets of this complex social dance – a space where working-class men and women come together looking for intimate connection through passion and lust.


Paul Taylor

Cloven Kingdom (music by Arcangelo Corelli, Henry Cowell, and Malloy Miller)

Paul Taylor

Last Look (music by Donald York)

Paul Taylor

Piazzolla Caldera (music by Astor Piazzolla & Jerzy Peterburshsky)


Paul Taylor Dance Company

Orchestra of St. Luke's