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All Taylor

Part of: Paul Taylor Dance Company

 Wednesday, November 8, 2023  7:00pm  Lincoln Center - David H. Koch Theater Directions

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A tongue-and-cheek nod to the colorful pages of a medieval bestiary that featured beings both real and fantastical, Book of Beasts is perfect for younger generations and older generations alike.

“It takes a genius to upstage another genius, and that’s just about what Paul Taylor accomplished in his deliciously berserk dance version of Igor Stravinsky’s hallowed, epoch-making score [Le Sacre de Printemps]… Taylor uses this musical masterpiece as if it were simply a fiendishly interesting piece of music… in devising a dance charade of ever so brittle, arch and waspish humor.” – Alan M. Kriegsman, The Washington Post

Set during the Great Depression, Black Tuesday brings to life the valiant souls of the ’30s. With the backdrop of Shantytown, vaudevillians, pimps, doughboys, showgirls, and other characters populate the streets, portraying both its terrible effects of the era and the nation’s can-do spirit.


Paul Taylor

Book of Beasts (music by Schubert, Weber, Saint-Saëns, Mozart, Beethoven, Boccherini, de Falla, and Tchaikovsky))

Paul Taylor

Le Sacre de Printemps (The Rehearsal) (music by Igor Stravinksy)

Paul Taylor

Black Tuesday (songs from the Great Depression)


Paul Taylor Dance Company

Orchestra of St. Luke's