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Cantatas with Harvey

Part of: Bach Festival

 Tuesday, June 4, 2024  7:00pm  Carnegie Hall - Zankel Hall Directions

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OSL’s annual celebration of JS Bach opens with two of Bach’s most jubilant cantatas, sung by soprano Joélle Harvey and led by baroque specialist Jeannette Sorrell.

BWV 202 is commonly known as the “Wedding Cantata,” as it was written for just such an occasion—possibly even the composer’s own wedding. The opening text of the piece, “Weichet nur, betrübte Schatten,” or “Dissipate, afflicted shadows,” paints winter winds and clouds through tortured suspensions and harmonic twists that eventually give way to sunshine and spring with cheerful, dancelike melodies. This cantata also features an obbligato oboe line, and its singing quality alongside the soprano suggest the hearts of the bride and groom intertwining on the happy day of their union. 

BWV 51, “Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen,” or “Praise God in every land,” is one of Bach’s most popular solo cantatas. Composed for an unknown occasion (but noted by the composer that it would be appropriate to perform at any time of year), the piece showcases a remarkable solo trumpet line and soprano coloratura writing, spanning a broad vocal range that remains as enthralling today as it would have been in Bach’s era. The cantata’s two outer arias burst with bombastic exultation, while in contrast, the inner movements provide moments of introspective prayer, a contrast that elevates the heartfelt text to divine heights. 


Johann Sebastian Bach

Wedding Cantata, BWV 202

Johann Sebastian Bach

Jauchzet Gott In allen Landen, BWV 51


Orchestra of St. Luke's

Jeannette Sorrell

Joélle Harvey